Alongside my client responsibilities, I have strengthened organizational culture and processes in the companies for which I have worked. I have experience in small design consultancies, intrapreneurial ventures within corporate contexts, schools, start-ups and freelance collectives.


cross-discipline collaboration

As consumers demand more integrated experiences that streamline digital and physical experiences, design firms hire to increase their in-house experience across these mediums.

I composed a four-part workshops series to build trust and shared language between Essential's industrial design and digital experience teams. 

rituals of reflection

As companies grow from a small business into a medium one, it becomes important to codify cultural practices and expectations. In a consulting environment, this is challenging also because time spent outside of billable project work is not incentivized.

I worked with Essential's directors to implement practices that would encourage learning and increase quality of work including project kick-offs, post-mortems, annual strategy sessions and collaboration lunches. 

workplace strategy

The work environment is usually considered for its aesthetic appeal but companies can enhance productivity, improve employee satisfaction and learn about their cultural identity by studying patterns in their environment. 

I studied how the employees of Design Cloud - a freelance collective/design agency/art gallery - used their space to evaluate the health of its organizational culture and then offered spatial as well as operational recommendations based on these findings.