I have applied generative to evaluative qualitative research methods in architecture, digital experience design and product design settings with clients across education, healthcare and consumer product industries.


The Sanitary napkin experience

“[A period] is something we have every month. We need it to be comfortable.” - Participant

Advising a vendor to P&G and Kimberly Clark on ways to improve their product, we kicked-off the project with digital ethnography and in-home interviews in Boston, USA, Barcelona, Spain and Shanghai, China. The resulting insights both educated the mostly male client team on the realities of period management and powered our own design direction.

  • generative research

  • contextual inquiry

  • product design


treatment decision support

Partnering with a young company seeking to advise oncologists in cancer treatment decisions, we interviewed oncologists, pathologists and payors to understand how they use genetic data and what their decision-making process looks like. From this understanding, we designed the printed report and online portal to maximize the ease and speed at which oncologists could work with the complex genetic data. 

  • in-depth interviews

  • co-creation, card sorting

  • information design

  • digital experience design

greeley school's outdoor play

“In a time when things are so structured and supervised, children look to adults to resolve their issues…they don’t know how to navigate play without rules.” –Greeley teacher

Reimagining the outdoor space for an elementary school north of Chicago, we observed what activities children engaged in where and held co-creation workshops with students, teachers and parents. From these insights, the design team could then compose a new layout that would support more diverse and stimulating forms of play.  

  • observation

  • co-creation

  • spatial design