For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by people: why they do what they do and who they bond with or who they don't. And in our globalized but fragmented world, this has never felt more important.

I use observation, interviewing and co-creative workshop facilitation to nurture more empathy in our world. I currently get to do so as a global workplace researcher at Nike. I also have experience helping clients in education, consumer goods/services and healthcare sectors better understand their users' and employees aspirations, behaviors and daily experiences.

As a design research consultant, I have worked with architects at Cannon Design in Chicago and industrial and digital experience designers at Essential in Boston, collaborating to develop human-centered digital, product and architectural strategy. Throughout my time at these organizations, I dove into organization development initiatives, helping to found a multidisciplinary education design consultancy within Cannon Design called The Third Teacher+, supporting schools as they underwent significant organizational changes alongside their building renovations, and implementing new practices as Essential grew from its founding team to take on new talent and a digital experience design team.

As a freelancer, I have worked with Design Cloud, a freelance collective design agency/art gallery, researching and advising on the startup's organizational culture development. I composed my findings into an academic article that I later presented at the University of Liverpool’s Organizational Ethnography Symposium. I also spent time learning from other researchers and consumer insight strategists at Conifer Research, researched the intersection of personal and professional identities amongst social entrepreneurs and public interest designers with Harvard Business School professor, Lakshmi Ramarajan and added design sprints to my methodology with Craft.

I first discovered the power that beauty and design holds for social change as a student at Northwestern University. There I studied cultural anthropology, focusing on international development and the Arab World, and participated in Design for America’s design thinking for community development summer studio. 

In my free time, I explore the Pacific Northwest wilderness, dabble in knitting and watercolors, sing whenever I can and teach yoga with a 200-hour yoga teacher training from Sola School of Contemplative Arts.